My name is Tibor Andrejcsik and my wife and I breed Bolognese dogs. We bought our first Bolognese puppy in 2005. At first, we kept this ever-moving phenomenon that fascinates all members of the family as a hobby. Later, at the end of 2007, when our 2-year-old dog named Sissi (herdbook name Amanda) passed away, we thought we would cover her and keep a little girl from the litter so that our Sissi wouldn't get bored when she was alone at home. Because in all kinds of pictures we insisted that the future little ones also have pedigrees. for the first litter, we were looking for a highly skilled breeder who could help us. This is how we got to Adrienn Tresó, the owner of Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Kennel, to whom we have a lot to thank, with whom our relationship has now become friendly and with her help, well, with the help of the wonderful male dogs, we have had very promising puppies. In order to be able to register our puppies, we had to apply for a kennel name, since we lived in Kőbánya, which is why we chose the kennel name. However, we can only really talk about breeding since 2009. In 2008, we moved to a family house in Gödöllő and the circumstances made it possible to start breeding. We kept some of the really promising female dogs in turn. Later, they formed the backbone of our culture. As a result of several years of work, they now say that homogeneity is noticeable in our kennel, and our dogs can be recognized as coming from the Pelyhes Kennel in Kőbánya. Proportionate head, body-head length ratio, i.e. compact shape, perfect muzzle and skull. It took love and respect for the breed to achieve all of this. We could have made a lot of money from the dogs, if we had all kicked this up and focused on the quantity and become breeders, as too many people do in this small country. For us, quality has always been the first, so much so that most of those who bought puppies from us have since become our friends and look back with pleasure on their decision to choose Kőbánya Pelyhes Kennel. With our dogs, we go to a lot of shows and they get a lot of good results, we go to European and World shows, thanks to which more and more well-known foreign breeders contact us with the intention of buying a puppy. It is also a very good feedback for us that they want to update their herd with the dog we breed. We also came to a serious decision and updated our stock from Italy, the ancestral home of the Bolognese, with 2 male and 1 female dogs from the best Italian kennels. We also brought 1 male puppy from the Czech Republic. And in January 2022, we acquired a beautiful male dog from one of the most renowned kennels in the world, the Swedish Hunky-Dory kennel, who has no less than 210 genetic tests. We are convinced that in order to give birth to healthy puppies, it is necessary to import a completely fresh bloodline from time to time. We do everything we can to ensure that healthy and quality puppies are born in our kennel. This is also reflected in the fact that in 2016 the Bronze Crown Master Breeder, in 2017 the Silver Crown Master Breeder and in 2018 the 1st Golden Crown Master Breeder, in 2020 the 2nd Golden Crown Master Breeder and In 2022, we managed to win the 3rd Golden Crown Master Breeder titles at the Association of Hungarian Breeders' National Associations. With this, we are the only Bolognese kennel in Hungary that has already obtained the 3rd Golden Crown.

When mating our mother dogs, we pay particular attention to the selection of the right male and the appropriate rest period between two births. They receive regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations. All of our breeding dogs undergo patella sprains and comprehensive eye screening. Today, Bolognese dogs are increasingly being screened for the prcd PRA genetic test. We do not want to lag behind international practice in this regard either, and we have also started having genetic tests performed. We can proudly say that the results so far are all excellent and our dogs are disease-free based on screenings. We also pay great attention to their feeding and grooming, we only feed them quality food and they receive regular cosmetic care. We plan the first breeding of bitches from the age of 2.5, 3 years at the earliest and expect a minimum of 1 year rest between two births. As I already mentioned, we still keep in touch with most of the people who bought puppies from us by phone and in the closed group created on Facebook, where we constantly receive information about the puppies, which greatly helps our work in planning the next litters. We regularly keep in touch with other breeders, with whom we have extremely useful professional conversations and share experiences with each other. Last, but not least! Last, but not least! We are extremely happy and proud of our dogs, since in 2021 our dog named Bonita won European and World Champion titles. Our dogs named Janne and Kira, who are no longer our property as they were bought in Slovakia for breeding purposes, also won European titles in the Junior class.

Thank you for taking the time to read the introduction.

"Until we have experienced what it feels like to love an animal, a part of our soul sleeps deeply."

Anatole France

Why Bolognese?


- it's all fun!

- he loves his owner (v. the family) more than you love yourself!

- you can be proud of it anywhere and anytime!

- learns very easily and requires teaching!

- he doesn't shed his hair!

- does not cause allergic symptoms.

- no unpleasant smell!!!

- not expensive!

- an excellent signal dog

- if no one is paying attention to you, He's still only paying attention to you!

- if you want to bring love or joy into your life, He selflessly gives you all this

- if you want a permanent playmate for your child, it is also suitable for that


Every dog would say that to its owner.

"I can't be your best friend for the rest of your life because I don't have that much time. But I will be your best friend for the rest of my life."

Our team

It is a family business

Andrejcsik Tibor
Andrejcsik Tibor

"Dogs have taught me something, they are the most wonderful creatures in the world. Dogs are all angels (...). They know very well that they make us happy by following our commands, and as we know, dogs are the happiest when they are happy they see their masters. The only thing that matters to these wonderful animals is that they bring us joy. Do you understand why I said they are all angels?"<br>

Andrejcsik Tiborné Marika
Andrejcsik Tiborné Marika

"We can learn countless things from our dog. Loyalty and love. Complete altruism. It's as if dogs exist solely to bring us joy. I know that when I'm tired of everything, all I have to do is call my dog to me.<br>